Juice Fast Progress

Thursday, June 08, 2006


We've gotten down to counting hours. As of right now, it is 41 hours until we're done. Four classes. The last of which I'm reasonably certain we'll float through on air.

I want to go home, to rejoin my life, but also - I never want this to end. I don't even know how to process the thought of letting go of all of these loved ones, who are literally the substance of a large part of me and my life. I'm going to have to devote my life to travelling the globe just to see them all.

Classes, despite nearing the end, are NOT getting easier. Harder and harder. Clawing through by my fingertips.


Stef said...

YEEEHAAWWWW! You are nearly there! That evasive place known only as the end, and also as the BEGINNING! Wallow in it, as you sweat and claw your way to the last minute, and breathe in the moments to follow...yes, you are living this time just once, but you will have it with you forever. Namaste!

Taisuke said...

i'm still waiting for the awkward-2 off!