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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The other shoe drops.

So, that was fun while it lasted. I'm packing my things.


Sorry, I'm mildly amazed that there's suspense out there about my blog, which seems verbose and dry to me. But here's what went down. I will attempt to be precise and reproduce Rajashree's statements accurately.

Rajashree and her daughter were here at 4:30 pm. They waited for the little crowd to form by the pool - it was so LA, some people were gathering IN the pool. Once the crowd was assembled, Rajashree (very quietly) began. Her demeanor was caring and apologetic and understanding, as she has been in every meeting so far. I have been thinking about the 4-sided star that forms the Bikram teacher training organization, Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy and Craig. Birkam is the passion, the drive - Rajashree is the compassion, the heart - Emmy is the intellect, the brain - and Craig is the strength, the endurance. I think it wouldn't work as well without all four of them.

Okay, back to the plot. I've described Rajashree's demeanor - it's easier to present the pertinent information in a LIST.

  • The studio is currently temporarily closed due to non-compliance with a fire code building requirement that the studio had been made aware of a month ago or so.
  • The studio, and Bikram specifically, are constantly minding the fire code issues to make sure the studio is in compliance. They took appropriate measures, ordering a new door and having an architect prepare to have the door installed.
  • The door is arriving today or tomorrow, and will be installed immediately. Rajashree noted that there is a specific person on the bureaucratic side who seems to have a grudge with Bikram and is using a barrage of minute code violations to interfere with Bikram's business. For example, they insisted that each of Bikram's photographs (there are thousands) must be individually fire-code approved, which is patently absurd.
  • Most importantly, there is a PLAN B. Bikram has rented a conference room in an airport hotel (the Westin on Century Boulevard) and we will be having classes there until the studio meets these new code requirements. The room will be less hot than the usual (silent prayer of thanks from me), but is slightly larger, and has more bathrooms! I wonder if this poor hotel knows what their carpets are in for. Rajashree expected that we would have three days maximum in this hotel, but hoped only one.
  • Rajashree noted that they have had to change their doors multiple times over the years, to a specific design requirement, and they still keep having to change. I got the impression of a pattern of harrassment.
  • Most importantly, Rajashree apologized, multiple times, and it was not just lip service.
  • Actually, MOST importantly - Bikram has promised he'll make up all our missed classes DOUBLE. Talk about being careful what you wish for. Yow.

So - we'll still going to be yogis. I guess I should have had a bit more faith. I feel so fortunate to be in this group of people and to be able to ride this roller coaster. SO MUCH DRAMA! They've GOT to be filming this. And - I think this is an oblique gift - lemme 'splain. If it weren't for this, I think I'd be tempted to (from time to time) hope for things to be a bit easier. And I think I also that our group of people would not be quite as bonded as we seem to be becoming. Maybe I'm just all flushed with optimism now that I'm not worried about the training being cancelled, but I think this will only add to our training. Particularly if Bikram makes up missed lectures and classes in double. Yeow.

Bring the pain? BRING THE PAIN!


Joe Ardent said...

I expect you to simply teleport back to New Zealand. Barring that, you can levitate. None of this "I'm going to take an airplane back" pussy-ass bullshit!

allen said...

So what movie did you go see?

Astangini said...

Those of us not at the housing are using your blog for our info updates. You give the most complete and acurate info. I called headquarters today and was actually told we would be practicing in the big room tomorrow, then I got on your blog and read about the meeting. Thanks for keeping the rest of use informed. It has been very helpful and makes us feel still connected to the group! :-)

karim said...

You were IN the pool when Rajashree arrived, weren't you?

allen said...

Tell us more stories Chris!

megan collier said...

Hey Chris!

Megan here from the Wellington studio. Just been passed on your blog site from Anika. To be colloquial and make you feel SUPER homesick...its wicked bro!

Great to hear you made it and though stink one bout the dramas its kinda nice to know that your group too is befuddled and weirded out with the standard training dramas that we all seem to get in some form or another there. All part of the ride methinks.

My strategy was bemusement at the whole affair. Seemed to work.

Im back teaching a little at 'Wellywood' and back in love with the whole teaching shebang. Looking forward to seeing you on the other side and taking your class back 'home'.(No pressure but!) Youll be a great teacher.

I wait with the breath proverbailly baited to more installments...