Juice Fast Progress

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Actual conversation snippets floating up around me.

"I'm pretty sure there's a war brewing between yogis and robots. But the yogis are totally gonna win, because, um - you know, we can like, regenerate and shit, and the robots will have to get repaired or they'll like break."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure there's a post-apocalyptic nightmare world coming soon, so the faster we can get on top of our robot skills, the sooner."

"Dude, as long as there's asymmetrical haircuts and dune-buggies, I'll be happy with it. Bring on the oversized sunglasses."

"So wait, did you say you're going to SRF or to SRL tomorrow? What's SRF? Oh dude - that's the Self Realization Fellowship. Oh. I thought you said SRL. The Survival Research Labs... you know, giant robots killing each other. They're really not the same. No, not really..."



allen said...

Remind Joe and I to tell you about Mamma Bird's Regurgitation Cafe when you get back.

Anika said...

i'm really proud of you too. you have such a great attitude to the whole experience.

KCG said...

What about robtic yogis? Where do they fit in when the shit goes down?

Jeanne Stuart said...

Dear Mr Horvath
I would be interested in hearing what you think of LA, and the US, and the people, after spending so much time in my little, pea of a country.

Kris Ardent said...

Heh. She said "pea."