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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sciatica sucks

Ow! OW! OWWW!!!!

My entire right hand side is a throbbing chunk of PAIN! About a week before I came to yoga camp, I got a bit of mild sciatica. Sometime between yesterday morning and right now it turned into the most unbelievable pain I've ever felt. Last night I could barely lie down in bed, and today I'm walking all funny!

To add insult to injury, an internet search on how to treat sciatica suggested that the best cure is YOGA! Particularly BIKRAM YOGA! GAHHH!!!!

I'm actually not that upset about it. It's kinda funny that this is happening. Let's have some numbness!!! Maybe a nervous twitch! HOOT! Seriously, BRING IT ON.


Stef said...

Chris, you are the only person I know who could possibly find the humour in getting sciatica! I hope it heals up fast, my friend!

Kris Ardent said...

If you wanna see a chiropractor, I know a good one in Santa Monica: Jeffrey Jacobs on Santa Monica Blvd. Let me know if you want his number.

allen said...

I thought sciatica was a skin disease...like a member of the eczema family or something. Something to rub noxema on.

Then again I also thought the full disease name for "menengitis" was "Vaginal Meningitis" and that only women could get it.

Yo Chris, my $7 copy of Zardoz arrived in the mail today. So, you know...you got that to look forward to.