Juice Fast Progress

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Imagine "Rocky" Theme Song

Sunday, end of Week 7, 10:45 pm:

1:07 - first try
1:07 - second try (without having countdown! weird)
1:10 - third try
hour rest
1:39 - fourth try (shifted weight slightly, turned off tv and iTunes)

I will not go softly into that good night.


Taisuke said...

can you please please arrange so that this momentous event is videotaped??

overthefalls said...

hi chris,
i'm steph brown. i teach in Aukalofa, came to wellington last year and taught for a couple of days, pretty sure you were in a class. The 2.40 mins guy was in my training, a pommie martial arts nutter. There was no warning, Craig just sprung it in the middle of an evening class. The pommie nutter told me the key points to holding it. Think about drilling the big toe ball joint into the floor rather than the big toe. There are more, but I am afraid the pommie tryathlon nutter chick is reading this...

Christopher Horvath said...

Thanks for the tips!!! At this point, my biggest challenge is the mental one. I just have to focus and shut out the world. I'm going to cross 2 minutes SOON!.

My plan is to assume every Craig class from now on is the big one.

Wish I could simultaneously work my quads and lose weight!!! Still - it's just the trying that counts.

Taisuke said...

hey yogis! can you do this?

Stef said...

Well, DUH! Of course we yogis can do that, Taisuke! What do you think Chris has been practicing for the last 8 weeks?! I had no idea they had made a video of the Bikram Yoga secret handshake (seen in the last few seconds of the video.) So much for THAT secret!
; )

Taisuke said...

secret handshake eh? that is interesting. the comments on that page led me to believe that it was a perpetual lesbian motion machine. which, of course, is way cooler than a bikram secret handshake :P

Stef said...

Ok ok ok - You win, Taisuke! I was just jealous because I can't backbend like that! Besides, yogis don't need secret handshakes! But, I can't fool y'all now, can I?