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Friday, May 19, 2006

Yoga Prison

I'm feeling better today, in a resigned sort of way. I still feel like this experience is infinite and will never end, but I'm not quite holding my breath for the end as I have been. I have gotten a lot of encouragement from friends here at yoga camp and friends who leave me comments here on this blog or write me emails, and that helps immeasurably.

Yoga classes are definitely getting easier to survive physically, but the mental chatter is seemingly increasing in volume. My brain wants OUT of that room, even though I'm not dying in the postures as much as I used to. My concentration, despite the noise, has increased, which is interesting.

We had a lecture today from "The Fascia Guy". He's a body health worker - I'm not sure how to describe him, he's not a doctor, more of a yoga-therapist energy-worker. It was interesting, but it was also the first time in this training when my skepticism and analytic side got really involved, and in general I was extremely annoyed. Mostly because the assertions made in the lecture about the nature of Fascia in the body and the descriptions of Energy (Chi, Mana, Prana...) were delivered in such an over-simplified, generalized way. It was impossible to take something seriously that completely and totally discarded all of psychiatry with a wave of the hand, for example. Rather than describe his lecture, I'll let him speak for himself: Jon Burras . I didn't disagree with his central point, which is that most things we do in western society hurt the body, and yoga fixes it, "all over, inside out, from the bones to the skin". The more I'm here, the more absolutely certain I am of that basic assertion. This yoga fixes EVERYTHING. So - I was disappointed in myself for not keeping an open mind, but I just couldn't handle the repeated demonization of "science", as a general term. I feel like science gets bashed by Yogis a fair bit, who then turn around and completely abuse Quantum Physics and Relativity Theory without real understanding of the underlying concepts. To anyone reading who buys into these things, let me state clearly and unambiguously: The Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle is NOT APPLICABLE to every situation in life. It is applicable ONLY on a QUANTUM ELECTRODYNAMIC SCALE, which means at the scale of the size of atoms.

Emmy said something in class this morning that rocked me a little bit, unexpectedly. In an offhand way, she said, "now that you are Yogis, you are going to live much longer than normal people, so you have to take better care of you body so it lasts for you". (Paraphrasing). I've always assumed I would die young, and the thought, presented so simply and factually by Emmy, snapped my eyes open - it's TRUE! I'm going to live longer, healthier, happier! And so will all my loved ones, since I force them all to do yoga with me! Hoot!!! Yeah, I'll survive this yoga prison. One more time... Bring it on.


Joe Ardent said...

Of course, you'll only live longer than others IFF you take care of your body, so if you don't, you won't have to worry about living in pain; you'll be dead :) Well, given the ridiculous assumption that nanotech won't make us effectively physically immortal anyway. But that's just crazy talk.

Also, how ELSE except quantum physics do you explain the FACT that when people in a town do Transcendental Meditation, the crime rates go down?!? Huh?? Explain THAT, Mr. "QP only meaningfully applies at sub-atomic scales"!

Taisuke said...

its interesting to go back and read some of your earlier posts, where you found the classes extremely physically challenging. it seems like back in that era it was all about trying not to leave the room because it was just so damn hard, and now its hard not to leave the room because its easier and you don't have to concentrate nearly as much. this, imho, is already an amazing feat. now its time to move onto conquering the mentals, yo.

let me say that again so that you can appreciate how far you've come - YOU'RE SO FUCKING FIT YOUR MIND HAS TIME TO BE BORED IN CLASS! IN 10,000F HEAT! OMG! WTF! LOL!

Ian Wapatron said...

"Also, how ELSE except quantum physics do you explain the FACT that when people in a town do Transcendental Meditation, the crime rates go down?!?"

Is this a joke! Perhaps the meditators go out into the street and have calm interactions with the people they meet and this relaxes the town's folk?

Stef said...

FINALLY I get to catch up on your blog! I have suffered withdrawl since I left LA! Argh! Now, Jaya & I are back in Wellington, and you must know you are DEFINITELY part of something here! To prove it? If you don't like being The Jeweler" it seems here, some know you as the one & only: "Triangle Man!"
So forget all this mumbo-jumbo about if you are going to leave the room or not, you are already there! Just let yourSelf BE!
(It's just all the stuff in your brain getting thawed out of the
cold storage! HA!)
In the meantime, let it bring a smile to your face that seeing as I am originally from Idaho, I will be applying Taisuke's nickname the next time I teach! ; )

Joe Ardent said...

Note to Mr. Wapatron: yes, that was a joke. In fact, an inside joke, referring to something someone we know actually said. When she did say that, I was stunned. How do you respond to someone who essentially says, "I am retarded or insane?"