Juice Fast Progress

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Day 14: Collapse

I collapsed in yoga last night. It was gradual - nothing exciting or dramatic, but still a bit frightening.  I had noticed that, towards the end of the standing series, I was feeling weaker and weaker, and my balance was off. Then, just as the first set of Triangle finished, I felt a distinct 'moment' of release in my body, like the cords had all just been cut.  I was instantly super dizzy - as though my inner ear had been swollen or otherwise messed up.  I sat down and waited for the floor series - but when it came time for the sit-ups, I just couldn't do them. It wasn't like, "this is hard, and I don't want to push harder", but instead like a complete failure - the muscles were simply not responding to instructions. 

So, I left class. I haven't left class since teacher training. I probably would have felt embarrassed or ashamed, but in this case, I was so freaked out that I wasn't thinking about it.  My whole body was shaking. I drank a juice and laid down. Later, I tried to walk back to work with Stacy, but couldn't make it, and she went to get the car to drive me home.

Mary gave me a big bag of navel oranges, and when I got home, Stacy made me Lentil soup.  I've made a mental note of the brand and type of Lentil soup. I want to try it when I'm back in the 'real' world and see if it is, in fact, the most delicious thing in the world. Because last night, it was.

I couldn't sleep, so I stayed awake reading the new 'Art of War' translation. Today I feel a little better, but still dizzy, like something is wrong in my brain.  I can't help but ask myself the question - is this bad? Is this malnutrition? Or am I breaking through some serious detox walls?

I have enough strength to continue, and at this point, it's no longer that difficult to just have the juice. So, I continue.  BRING IT ON. 


Nicole said...

Nice job, Stacy!

Stacy Bissell said...

It's nice taking care of the boy. :)