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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Imagine you've just completed yoga class - you're lying in savasana, your mind is calm, you begin to relax.... and then a fireman opens the studio door and yells, "Everyone has to leave this room IMMEDIATELY and evacuate the building". Then remember how much you are (or aren't) wearing. I'm to the point where what I'm wearing is only trivially more than a speedo. So almost 300 yoga students are standing in throngs ouside the building, waiting to be let back inside, only to be told - the studio is closed, please go home. Not HOME home, thank god, but back to the apartments. And now I'm all worried we might have to miss tonight's yoga class. Instead of relishing the break, I'm hoping we have another class? What the HELL is THAT???

Rumors abound - somebody smelled smoke, there's a burnt out transformer, though the one we heard the most was that Bikram's studio is in serious violation of fire codes, filled over capacity... if this experience gets shut down now, I'd be so crushed. But for now... at least I get a nap! Yahoo!!!!!


Astangini said...
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Astangini said...

As far as I know there wasn't a fire. When I came out of the room a fireman and a policeman were counting people. I think they closed them down for a capacity violation and fire exit violations. Craig said we should be back tomorrow morning like usual.

I love your blog. It is nice to know someone is having the same thoughts I am!

Cisco said...

Hey Chris--
I have a friend attnding the traiing who pointed me to your blog. GREAT BLOG! by the way. I am also Bikram Certified. THAT is one of the best experiences of my life. Hold true to yourself and to WHY you went to the training. Stay in the room no matter what. And for the rest of the yoga training.... Let No One Steal Your Peace!

Maver said...

Hi Chris! This is Christy & Liz (from Portland, OR) and we're in the training with you. Stefanie Van Horne emailed us about your blog and we love it! She's coming down on May 8, by the way. We hope to meet you, and it sounds like we'll get a chance tomorrow if we're back in business. Can I post a link to your blog from mine? You give such a great description of this experience and of Bikram himself- how do you have all the energy to write after these LOOOOONG days?

Christopher Horvath said...

Thanks for the kind words everybody. Here's hoping we actually get to HAVE a teacher training! Christy and Liz - please feel free to post a link to my blog from yours, that would be nice.