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Sunday, April 09, 2006

It has BEGUN

Wow. This is much more than I thought I was getting myself into... so my WHOLE LIFE is going to change? I thought I was just going to get a nicer stomach and... and... Really, I knew this was about making a big change in my life, I guess it just feels more real now. And we haven't really even started.

When I arrived, there were already several dozen or more people waiting outside - still a half an hour early - and my first reaction was, "I don't belong here. These are those really PHYSICAL people - the dancers, the athletes... there's no computer geeks ANYWHERE!!!" Even though I'm starting to have more of a connection with my physical self, my self image is still that of a non-physical, "stay-inside" type person. As I waited through the next half an hour, more and more and more super fit people showed up (and a few people that looked a bit more like I do...), and I just couldn't believe how many of us there are. 226 people.

We got to hear introductory speeches from everyone, most notably Bikram's wife Rajashree and his daughter, who called her father "a psycho" and then we sung happy birthday to her. We also got a short talk from several of the teachers including Craig, who was very emboldening. He also stressed how those of us (me VERY much included) who don't have the dialog memorized and effortless are going to have difficulty, so though he made me feel stronger with the rest of his talk, the net result is that I'm MORE terrified than I was.

I live with 4 other roommates in a 2 bedroom suite at the Toluca Lake Oakwood Estates, and it's pretty nice, although cramped. I have two roommates Am and Benz (unknown spelling) from Thailand, who insist they would like to cook for us, and I'm sharing a room with two guys, Daniel and Derrick, both American. I don't know very much about them yet, but it feels just like University felt freshman year - all excited, grand imagination about how big/overwhelming/awesome everything's going to be, living in close quarters with total strangers. Of course, now that I know that I am a loud sleeper, I worry for their sanity and whether or not I'll get stabbed or suffocated in my reverberating sleep.

Tomorrow we meet Bikram. He's been suitably overhyped at this point, I'm assuming he'll levitate into the room, and then breathe fire over us while he sprouts dragon wings. Or something like that.


Kris Ardent said...

Make sure to bring your camera and take pictures of floating Bikram. Maybe you and Bikram can win the JREF One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. That, and a six pack: so much to look forward to.

Don't worry about the PHYSICAL people. Just work on your savasana. Since it's the most challenging, when you have mastered that, you will win ALL THE YOGA MEDALS. In fact, when you get to the competition, savasana should be one of your optional poses.

allen said...

Bitch I'm going to yoga tonight. I wanna be part of the cool kids club. Next I aim to have all of Achewood read by the time you get back.

Have you ever heard of Achewood?

allen said...

Ok so I went to yoga last night, and Erik(c?) taught and he was 1001% better than the bitch who told me I 'needed more strength'. Joe's Naughty Cow response was worth the price of admission alone. I managed to rock it this time, not wholly unlike the million faces that Bon Jovi has allegedly rocked, but bear in mind my relative definition of "not rocking it" involves me storming out of the class midway through in an even blend of frustration and nausea. That didn't happen this time around, so I think I made it over the hump. I yearn to be the toe-standingest dude in your first class.

Taisuke said...

dude, just plough through the goddamn training and start thinking about where you want to open your hiphop power yoga studio. aiiiiggghhhhhtttttt?

allen said...

p.s. Amazon.com just dropped the price of Zardoz from 10.99 to 6.99.

I can't afford NOT to buy it at that price.