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Friday, April 14, 2006

Fred 62

I can't believe we just drove all the way to Silverlake to take yoga class, and pay for it. JUNKIES!!!! It was hot, the people were hot, feel great after class (though sore), the usual. There's a LOT of fear and anger about the school being closed and there being virtually no information. I can understand it, but I'm not sure what good it does other than making people more upset. We can't change this situation, and all the feelings of entitlement and outrage in the world won't change anything right now. I've heard the phrase "class action lawsuit" more than a few times today, and I sorely missed my home in New Zealand, where as far as I can tell, they don't have lawsuits.

But - to the important business. On the way home from class, we ate at Fred 62 in Los Feliz - near where I used to live - and it was WONDERFUL. America may be largely responsible for the impending collapse of the world, but damn they make a mean omelette. It's magical to be able to order breakfast and actually get it cooked properly! It was a dream. We were surrounded by LA's beautiful people - hip kids with absurdly gorgeous bodies in their magnificent costumes. We ate lunch with Edson, a brazilian from Sao Paolo (sorry if I spelled either of those wrong), and his energy and lust for life were just magnificent. We were all talking about people's attitudes about all of the sexual chemistry that's bouncing around... I, being chaste and innocent and very much taken was opposed, of course - but some of the guys here (and a few of the girls) have some serious hard-core booty call PLANS. STRATEGIES. I was kinda shocked - I suppose partially because Bikram forbade it - I'm of the opinion that we should stick to the plan if we want the most out of it, but I think that makes me old fashioned. Nonetheless, the sexual chemistry conversation led to Edson's passionate monologue on how much he loves kissing, and it was fairly breathtaking. It's really no fair that all you require is that magnificent Latin accent and a deep passion for, um, deep passion and you're suddenly breathtaking. I'm going to have to learn to fake that accent. So to summarize, American omelettes are great, Brazilians love to kiss, and all milkshakes should be malted.

I'm a little weirded out by how achey I am - I'm doing yoga, aren't I supposed to be all loose and flexible and feeling great? I do feel pretty great, actually - but with a lot of aches and pains. Nothing to be done, I suppose.

So much Yoga Drama!!! Why isn't there a Bikram Teacher Training Reality Show?

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Kris Ardent said...

Uuughmmgh...I think i just soiled myself. Yoga teacher training reality show! My new favorite show! Yer gonna be a STAR!

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