Juice Fast Progress

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 2: Morning

Getting to sleep last night was hard. My stomach was rumbling, and I was super alert, in that druggy kind of way that fasting seems to produce. 

Last night's yoga class was a bit eye-opening. I was very weak and had poor stamina, but there was very little panic and I was surprisingly flexible. I also noticed that my willpower was much stronger, despite my body being weaker. It may not have seemed that way to anyone looking at me, as I sat out about half of the standing series, but I was repeatedly surprised by being able to find new places in poses.  I found a new place in both Balancing Stick as well as Floor Bow... yay!

This morning I am definitely noticing cravings, with a vengeance.  I went to the cafeteria to pick up a fruit bowl (and oatmeal for Stacy), and the sight of a delicious fried egg with toast was really difficult.  FORTITUDE!

I have a cough that sorta came out of nowhere last night, and my joints feel swollen - particularly my fingers - so typing is hard and painful. In general, this just adds to the feeling weak. I realized last night that I have no objective way to 'know' that I'm getting enough of whatever nutrients my body needs.  I don't really know this in normal life either, I just solve it by overeating consistently...  (the shotgun approach to nutrition).  But, I realize that I'm trusting Mary and the yoga studio completely, without having really done the work to understand the nutrition and logic of this on my own.  I have a book from Taisuke and Brenda about raw food nutrition - I think it's time I did more than skim it.

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Stacy Bissell said...

Keep it up!! You're doing great. :)