Juice Fast Progress

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Orange Drinks

The orange drinks are a challenge. The ginger is SO SPICY, it makes it hard to drink them quickly, and the ginger spice just builds up and builds up.   I used to just pound them as fast as I could, but I'm making a conscious effort to really taste things.  "Always taste what you're taking".


Joe Ardent said...

I sometimes (more and more lately) try to count every chew of every bite I take. I thought it would be hard to chew twenty times before swallowing, but it seems like most bites wind up being about thirty. I also try to not have anything on the TV, etc. while eating; I want my full attention on the act of eating, so I'm not just munching.

It's not easy.

Stacy Bissell said...

I'm attempting to drink an orange drink as I type. They are rough. Very, very rough.