Juice Fast Progress

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 7. A week with no solid food?

I'm surprised that everything feels so normal. I've now almost completely cut caffeine out of my diet. I've gone from a triple-shot espresso drink, to a drink with only one shot, and a few more days from now, I should be off completely.  I am still having a small bowl of fruit in the morning, but this does not feel like a cheat to me.

The miracle of food, and the pure human pleasure of preparing and sharing home-cooked food is more vivid to me today than it has ever been. I am hungering for the human connection that food brings.  The names always hint at some mysterious past - the way that a piece of Mediterranean food can remind you of the wind from the desert, just because of its name.

Bring it on, 23 more days. Bring it on.

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