Juice Fast Progress

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 9: A Juice-Fasting Pu**y

Chadd was kind enough to talk shit last night at yoga, upon hearing that I'm having a bowl of fruit in the mornings, he cheerfully told me, "That's called being a juice-fasting pu**y".  I have to admit, call me a guy, but this kind of thing makes it a lot easier to stay tough.

Class last night was great. I was weak, but it was so encouraging, it was such a touchstone of certainty that I'm doing something healthy. I can feel it, on my own, in class - that my body wants to do this.

Mary recommended a number of new additions to my daily regimen, all of which I've incorporated. They're interesting.  They are:

1. Brushing my body twice a day with a body brush, to help the skin shrink along with my body (which is shrinking fast).  I got a great bristley brush and have done this twice now. I feel like a well-groomed horse.  Seriously, though, this was invigorating, it made me instantly feel buzzy and alert and grinny.

2. Two shots of raw apple cider vinegar a day.  This is also related to helping the skin keep up with the change in body shape. This is not that much fun, but pretty easy to get out of the way.

3. Organic mouth wash.  The fasting causes your teeth and mouth to get covered in this weird film. Mary says that this is literally the toxins and crap being expelled. Even after you brush your teeth rigorously, the film comes back really quickly. The mouthwash helps this. But YUUUUCK.

4. Sun Chlorella.  I'm just shy of becoming adult-diabetic, and have pretty intense blood-sugar highs and lows. The Sun Chlorella helps regulate these, plus it's interesting - like a little packet of blue-green algae every morning.

Anyway, I like that things are getting weird.  I've taken Sun Chlorella before, and it's like Nature's Adderall - very speedy, kinda fun.  Plus it turns your spit spinach green.



Stacy Bissell said...

Just don't inhale the Sun Chlorella - I made that mistake this morning. Wasn't the funnest of experiences.

Christopher Horvath said...

Is 'funnest' a word?

Stacy Bissell said...

Yes, it is - Steve Jobs said it so it must be true. More info on the grammar behind the usage: