Juice Fast Progress

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 8. Reflections on Minor Failures

Last night I slipped a bit.

I was not feeling all that great - weak, dizzy, and like I was starting to get sick. I really felt like I was missing something, not like I was just facing a crazy craving. I decided to have an avocado and some miso soup - both of which seemed reasonable.   We went to the store, and the avocados were just in terrible shape - gross and mushy.  The only miso soup we could find was instant, and this turned out to basically be liquid salt.  To replace the avocado, we got some mild, organic guacamole.

The instant soup was super gross, but I just inhaled the guacamole. Humorously, I felt super full, like I had gorged myself, after eating just a few forkfuls of this.

I would have preferred not to have slipped, but I really felt shaky. It's weird - today I have lost that feeling of being light and agile, and instead feel slow and heavy, like normal.

Still, I'm determined not to let this small feeling of failure corrupt the effort. Onwards and upwards!

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