Juice Fast Progress

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 29: Not quite.

My friend Barb once said, "Having too rigid a definition of who and what you are is just asking the universe to fuck with you."  I'm probably misquoting a word or two, but I'm getting the basic thrust correct.

Today lacks most of the joy and peace that yesterday had in such abundance. And I'm every bit as irritable and impatient as I've been in the worst of times. It's a Fuck You Friday, and it's only Wednesday.

I know that some days are just better than others, and I don't really need to read into it all that much. I am still very happy that I've done something good, and I trust that I'll continue to feel better, despite the occasional crappy day.

Today is the first day of my FIFTH WEEK. I am 94% done.

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Nicole Gesher said...

Hang in there, tiger. You've got this.