Juice Fast Progress

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 30: Oh sure, NOW it gets easy.

I'm walking on air today.

I've been going through this thing assuming that when I'm done, all the weighty, heavy, sluggishness will eventually return as I gradually devolve back into a fried-starch and red-meat based diet.

Why, though? This is great... I feel great, I'm happier. And... the little bits of soup I've had here and there I've actually enjoyed way more than the burger and fries that I usually have.  Why not just keep doing a version of this? Lots of green drinks, more soup, perhaps when nobody's looking, the occasional piece of cheese?

Thank you Stacy, Mary, Nicole, and everyone at Global Yoga.

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Nicole Gesher said...

YAY! That's awesome. Congratulations, Sir - this is quite the accomplishment (and congrats to Stacy for putting up with your moods throughout!). Have a wonderful time in Chicago, and I hope you take the bliss with you as you return to the land of food :)